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Predator Victorious Over ‘Flawless’ Marconi

Friday, December 13th, 2013
NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion, Human Predator, World Wide Wrestling

New NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion Human Predator

When the dust had settled and the bell had rung, two me were beaten and bloody inside a steel cageĀ  at NWA World Wide Wrestling’s Starrcade Resurrection, but only one stood victorious…

After months of battling each other for the NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Championship, Lou Marconi and Human Predator stepped inside the cage to settle things once and for all. The match would leave no doubt to either man’s heart or desire to leave the ring as champion. Predator had been so close each time he and Marconi faced off always to come up a bit short.

Earlier in the night, NWA World Wide Wrestling owner Johnny Lightning made sure there would be no interference from Cueball Carmichael and Pat Cusick as he enforced a six month suspension on the two keeping them from being at ringside.

Marconi seemed anxious as he entered the cage. Predator appeared quite at home locked up.

When the bell rang to start the match, Marconi quickly tried to climb over the top of the cage and was yanked off the steel links as Human Predator threw Marconi across the ring. Predator began to use the cage to his advantage ramming Marconi’s head into the steel supports and repeatedly running his forehead across the links like Rachel Ray grating cheese, busting Marconi open.

The warm flow of blood must have gotten Marconi refocused on the task at hand as he and Predator went back and forth with neither appearing to have an advantage over the other. Human Predator caught Marconi with a clothes line and then went for a leg drop off the second rope. Marconi rolled away and immediately gained the upper hand.

Marconi returned the favor of using the cage as a weapon and cut Predator wide open. The match looked to be in Marconi’s control at this point. That is until NWA National Heavyweight Champion Phil “Nitro” Monohan walked out to observe the match.

Marconi’s focus switched from Human Predator to yelling comments to the NWA National Champion. Marconi motioned for Monohan to watch what he was about to do to Predator and commenting that Monohan would be next on the list. This gave Human Predator just enough time to clear his head.

Marconi climbed to the second rope ready to rain some right hands down on Predator. Predator caught Marconi off guard and hooked his legs. Marconi grabbed the cage trying to resist the power of Human Predator but it was all for naught as Predator power bombed Marconi and got the pin fall in the center of the ring to become the new NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion!




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